These 7 Cool Indie Bands Not Many Know Yet

When talking about indie music, there is no end to it. Indie musicians continue to emerge with works that can make people fall in love. If you already know many indie bands that are on the rise, there are still some indie bands from other parts of the world you must listen to.

Before they become the idol of a million people, save it for the first. Here are 7 of them.


1. The Aces

One of the few bands in the world with all-female members. The group from Utah, United States, have started their musical hobby since attending school. The genre they adapt is ear-catching indie-pop.

At first glance, the songs are indeed themed love and relationships but can be translated in the universal realm.


2. Colouring

Still in the realm of indie-pop, this time, there was a British band called Colouring. Their debut began in 2016 through an EP. Then followed by the second EP in 2017. In that year, their names began to be known after several times as the opening act for the famous band concert of 1975.

Colouring increasingly soared after the single titled “Time” lined up to be one of the soundtracks for the best-selling series “13 Reasons Why” the second season. The single was taken from their third EP entitled “bn.”


3. Teenage Wrist

Good news for indie-rock and grunge music fans. A band from the United States, Teenage Wrist, joined the world music scene enlivened by spawning their second album entitled Chrome Neon Jesus, last March. This time they registered 11 songs in it.

The album was quite in demand in the market and received positive responses from the press and fans. Their songs remind you of a bit of 90s bands like Nirvana and Puddle of Mudd.


4. Fickle Friends

This British indie-pop band uses a retro 80s effect that you may have heard often lately. However, the vocalist’s melodious voice makes their songs more lively.

The band has just released their debut album titled “You Are Someone Else” earlier this year.

5. Swim Deep

This British pop-rock band has long tested its fortune in the music industry, precisely in 2011. They have also released two albums in 2013 and 2015. However, their names even did not soar too high. They are still a hidden treasure for the fans.

Some time ago, they finally made a tweet stating they would release a new album soon. While waiting, you can try listening to their songs at the same time whilst you can save to your playlist on Spotify, especially for their phenomenal Swim Deep Albums!

6. Weathers

For those of you who like the indie-rock genre, this United States band is not to be missed. Weathers just released a new album, “Kids In The Night,” which is quite energetic but still comfortable to listen to.


7. Boy Azooga

If including fans of songs with a slightly eccentric melody, Boy Azooga is the right choice. They also just spawned their first album called “1.2 Kungfu!”. In line with its name, the songs in this album are quite jerking with a funky blend of instruments.

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