5 Rock Bands Addicted to Pokemon Go

Since its appearance, Pokemon Go has apparently successfully changed the face of online gaming in the world.

The combination of nostalgia with reality through a GPS makes this game so loved by its fans, including rockers who happen to have grown together xxx.

Interestingly, even though they have quite a large following, the rockers singers were never shy to express their love for the game. Many exciting actions have also become a success story for the band’s followers.

Here are 5 of their crazy actions against Pokemon Go:

5. Linkin Park

In the midst of the tight schedule for the production of the seventh album, some Linkin Park personnel admitted that they spent a lot of time playing Pokemon Go.

Mike Shinoda, for example. In a relatively short time, he has managed to reach a level that is high enough as a Pokemon trainer. He also claimed to be proud of these achievements. “I love this game (Pokemon). I know all the characters, and just so you know, I’m level 14 now,” said Mike.

4. Bad Mother Hubbard

For Bad Mother Hubbard vocalist, Lalanea Chastain, the Pokemon Go game seems to be something very special, maybe even entered into one of the heroes lists.

The story, as quoted from the page Kansas.com, Lalanea had forgotten to bring home his acoustic guitar after filling the event at local gigs. He also had to surrender when his favorite guitar was already not at the location when he returned there.

Fortunately, shortly after his guitar disappeared, a Pokemon Go player accidentally discovered the guitar while searching for Pokemon in lonely places.

Chastain was delighted abruptly when he finally returned to get the guitar. He is now transformed into one of the loyal players of Pokemon Go.

3. Green Day

Not inferior to Blink 182, a California punk band, Green Day personnel also fell in love with Pokemon Go. Although their appearance was quite fierce when they were on the stage, both Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool were not shy about having a relationship with their hunted Pokemon.

2. Blink 182

Blink 182 is one of the most famous bands in the realm of Punk Rock. Silly behavior and fast tempo songs that were presented in the 2000s successfully placed them as one of the influential bands in the world.

Not surprisingly, when deciding to make a comeback in the middle of 2016, Blink 182 received a quite lively reception. Their songs immediately dominated many ladders on American and world radio.

Well, in the midst of the success they got, one of Blink 182’s personnel firmly expressed his joy at the presence of the Pokemon Go game.

Unmitigated, besides changing his name on Twitter to Pokedad Go, he also allowed fans to look for Pokemon at the Blink 182 concert location.

1. All Time Low

Finally, there is the punk band All Time Low who participated in Pokemon Go fever.

In addition to often chatting with pokemon prey, they also did not hesitate to share rare pokemon with their fans. Yes, it’s not strange considering this band is known to be close to its fans.