Get To Know : Bon Jovi, The New King of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Bon Jovi … Bon Jovi … Bon Jovi …

Who is not familiar with this legendary rock band. Rock band from New Jersey, United States has recorded its name in the history of Rock music in the world. It has also become an idol and inspiration from various other famous musicians and bands. The multiple songs, albums, and concerts that they have produced are always in demand in the market and are always enjoyed by their fans. And in the 35 years of his journey in the music band, the band, which has sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, also has some interesting facts during his career.

Well, maybe it will be better to read it while listening to one of Bon Jovi’s songs.

1. At First, “Bon Jovi” Was Not Their First Band Name.

As many people know to date, the name Bon Jovi is familiar with music lovers, especially rock music. But who would have thought when the band was just starting to stand up instead Jon Bon Jovi named his band by the name of Johnny Electric. Until finally there was a friend of Jon Bon Jovi who suggested to change the name and follow the example like the band Van Halen in order to name the band from the name of its leader.


2. The Hits Song “You Give Love a Bad Name” Is Hardly a Bon Jovi Song

The first single from the album Slippery When Wet (1986) established Bon Jovi’s name as a rockstar at the time. The song that once ruled the top of the charts in the United States in 1986 turned out to be almost a song belonging to another band. The creator of the song, such as Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora Desmond Child, had wanted to give the song to a Canadian rock band named Loverboy, and fortunately, this did not happen.


3. The First American Band Whose Album Penetrates The “Iron Curtain” Country

In the 80s, when Mikhail Gorbachev, the leader of the Soviet Union at that time, had initiated an open dialogue internationally with other countries, especially western countries, which was a significant step in upholding peace, especially between Russia and the United States. And Bon Jovi album “New Jersey” (1988) was the first to penetrate the realm of music in the country “Iron Curtain” as the first album from the United States, which circulated in the country under the auspices of the Soviet record label company “Melodiya”


4. Changes In Band Formation

Whose name changes in a band like the personnel who are mutually has become a common thing, and of course, this is experienced by a band of caliber Bon Jovi as well. Formed in 1983, Bon Jovi currently only leaves its core personnel Jon Bon Jovi (vocalist), David Bryan (keyboardist), Tico Torres (drummer), Phil X (guitarist), and Hugh McDonald (bassist). As for the initial formation of Bon Jovi, the band’s initial formation was fronted by Jon Bon Jovi (Vocalist), Richie Sambora (Guitarist), David Bryan (keyboardist), Tico Torres (drummer), and Alec John Such (Bassist).

It’s just that bassist Alec John Such in 1994 was fired from Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora resigned from the band in 2013. The metal band guitarist, Skid Row is Dave Sabo who is a neighbor and little friend of Jon Bon Jovi, initially had been a guitarist The band’s first in 1983 was even recorded for the Demo Version of the song “Runaway” before he finally joined Skid Row and was replaced by Richie Sambora.


5. The Personnel Who Are Not Just A Band

Maybe most musicians don’t just work on the stage, and in the recording studio, many of them also have aside as a music producer. But something quite contrasting is owned by two Bon Jovi personnel, namely Jon Bongiovi and Tico Torres. Jon Bon Jovi, who is a frontman and founder of the band Bon Jovi, turned out to be a lover of sports, especially sports American Football. Unmitigated, for the sake of his love for the sport, in 2004, he also founded a professional football club called Philadelphia Soul based in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, before being sold. Plus, he is also a top actor who has played in various big-screen films and television series such as Pay It Forward, U-571, New Year’s Eve, Sex and the City, Ally McBeal, and many other films. And also, drummer Tico Torres is a talented painter. Because the drummer, nicknamed “The Hitman” has explored the world of painting since 1984, and his work has also succeeded in entering various painting exhibitions, even Torres has successfully held his own painting exhibition at Ambassador Galleries located in Soho, New York.