Is This The Best Rock Band In The World? Muse

Who does not know Muse? Muse is an alternative rock band from England. The group was formed in Devon in 1994. Members of the band consisted of three people, Matthew Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howards. As a Muser (Muse fan base’s name), we want to show why Muse can be called one of the best bands in the world. Here are some of the reasons!

1. Live Act Performance

This band’s no doubt is one of the best live act performances in the world. They already got so many awards because of their performance. Here are some awards they got :

2 Brit Awards, 2 Kerrang Awards, 3 NME Awards, and many more.

2. Talented

Talented? Why do we call them talented? This band consists of 3 people, although in 2006-until now, there is an additional member (Morgan Nicholls) specifically in Live. But all members have their expertise, like :

Matthew Bellamy: Vocals, Guitars, Pianos, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Keytar, and Bass.

Chris Wolstenholme: As we know Chris before joining Muse, he was a guitarist and drummer because, at that time, Muse had guitarists (Matt) and drummer (Dom), so Chris started playing bass. At that time, Matt said, “If you can do that, you’re great.” A Motivation for Chris. And until now, Chris is still actively playing drums with a small band in Devon.


3. The Record

Record? Yep, like the picture above, Matt is the only person who destroyed the most guitars on tour. The record is official on Guinness World Records. And it’s has been confirmed by their drummer.


4. Award

This point we already discussed in no.1, but this time is different. The award that they received is by one of the universities in Plymouth, England 2008. As in the picture above, they get a Doctor’s title because of their genius in music. Amazing!

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5. Fan Service

We are quite confused about what title to give. Every time they have a concert, there will be unexpected surprises, such as playing live songs that have not been released even without the title (Call it an early version). Actually, there are so many songs like that which are sung live. And the unique songs of the early version are changing at the moment, such as (the lyrics, instruments, etc.). Well, maybe as time goes by, it will be carried out again before the release.


6. B-Side

B-Side or often called the Bonus track, Muse is known to have many songs that include B-Side songs, and even Muse made a compilation album with all the contents of B-Side’s song called Hullabaloo (Like the picture above). The album has two versions, live and studio versions.


7. Anti Lip-Sync

Muse is a band that really hates Lip-sync.


8. The Staging

Muse’s success in bringing the best live act performance is inseparable from the help of its fantastic stage. Seen from the picture above, a few eyeballs fell. The concept they use since the 2001-Present tour. The ball/balloon falls during the last song or their specialty song (Imagine you’re watching a concert there are suddenly balloons like that).