Otway The Movie!

“...this documentary chronicling the ups and downs of never-say-die musician John Otway is fantastically engaging, the very definition of feelgood film-making.” - The Guardian

The Producers' Premiere was also covered by Channel 4 News. Here is a clip of their coverage:


Otway The Movie

Trailer from OtwayTheMovie

In ROCK AND ROLL’S GREATEST FAILURE; THE OTWAY MOVIE, a movie funded entirely by his fans, UK’s cult legend John Otway returns to his old school to give a course on survival in the music industry.

In the midst of Britain’s ‘70s punk revolution and after a momentous TV appearance where five and a half million viewers watched him land painfully on his testicles, Otway was high in the charts. Too bad his next HIT was 25 years later.

John Otway’s career is an educational, yet magical lesson in self-promoting... recruiting his fans for endless manipulative, over-the-top projects which, among others, garnered him status as The Nation’s 7th Favorite Lyricist in a BBC poll, secured him a Top Ten HIT for his 50th birthday and a feature movie for his 60th.

Failure has its rewards. It’s kept Otway in the spotlight for 35 years.